Tournaments and competitions


Please note that some campaigns and tournaments change the time the club starts. If you cannot be here for a game at that time that's fine, as long as you accept you may not finish the game.


Warhammer 40k Summer Hammer  Slam Campaign And Winter Thunder Hammer.

 Previous Winners

 Summer Hammer  Slam Campaign.

The Tyranids are coming. They Will Devour. Come The Apocalypse. 2016.




 2015-Lee G





Winter Thunder Hammer.



 2013-Lee G

 2014-Lee G


 2016-Lee P



2018 Final: Thursday 27th TabletopTyrant. Nids vs wolfs.

Well the 2018 final is nearly here but there are 2 major factors to think about

1. The Hive Tyrant known as the Undertaker has never won a game and nosh or vetrans day event match.

2. Kirsty with her wolfs has been in the last 3 finals and lost each one..


Some one is about to finish there bad streak. Who will it be. Only time will tell.

War is coming.